среда, 14. новембар 2012.

My first post :)

Ciao ragazzi! Today's post is going to be about following trends for autumn-winter 2012/2013. You'll see a must-have for this and upcoming period. Of course there's a hundred opinions about current fashion,but this is how I see it. So,the things you need to have in your closet:

1.Parkas are an absolute must-have for winter! They are warm,comfortable and very fashionable!
1.Givenchy; 2.Three Floor; 3.Mcq By Alexander McQueen; 4.Prps; 5.D&G
Or you can find it for a lower price in Zara! They offer something like this: 

2.Biker boots!Oh my heart always stops when i see some good biker boots! They look so powerful and stunning!
Chiara Ferragni boots

3.Cowboy boots have never been out of style,they've only changed shape through all this years,and now some of them are perfect:
Giuseppe Zanotti <3
or,for a lower price,this Aldo: 

4.As you might have noticed, studded things have taken over the fashion industry,and I totally support that! So these are my my suggestions  for handbags for this season: 
Balmain clutches
Celine bag(not studded,but she's perfect!)
And of course Alexander Wang!

5.Multicolored jewelry! Here are some necklaces:


6. Military style.Military pants,  jackets, everything you can find :)

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